Stamped Concrete


Stamped concrete is a wonderful alternative to regular concrete or paving stones. Stamped concrete that is completed by trained professionals can be made to look like stone, brick, slate and cobblestone, even up close. Another advantage is that it is just one large piece of concrete that will not allow weeds to grow through or for shifting to occur. We are more than happy to educate our clients on the benefits of stamped concrete and the variety of options that it gives homeowners.


Hudecek Cement has specialized in stamped patios in the Cleveland area for over 12 years. We have extensive training for techniques that have resulted in beautiful stamped concrete work that we have done for our clients. Our services include the design of the patio and we follow city and state regulations and go above and beyond what is required. There are several patterns to choose from and our coloring is both throughout the concrete as well as having top coat colors to give the concrete a natural stone look.


Hudecek Cement has produced driveways in the Cleveland area for over 65 years. All of our employees have attended training and classes for concrete work. We are certified in residential concrete work and follow city and state regulations. Our crews experience ranges from 40 years experience to 8 years experience.

Retaining Walls & Fire Pits
& Steps

Hudecek Cement is now offering retaining walls to new and existing patios. We have specialized employees who have had extensive training in stone work. We offer columns, walls, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens.


Hudecek Cement offers fire pits in both a full concrete pour and in stone with our stamped patio work. Fire pits can add both aesthetic beauty and function.