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How It Works

Each year, every concrete contractor must be licensed in each city that work is performed in – in order to obtain a permit for each project. Hudecek Cement is generally licensed in cities in at least 25 cities per season.


The Stamping Process:

After the project area is marked and outlined, the excavation of the area will begin. A site scope is used to obtain the correct “fall” that is required by city and state codes, preparing the proper grade of your yard. Forms will be placed in preparation for the pour. 2-4 inches of stone will then be laid and tamped along with wire mesh. Hudecek Cement also includes rebar in all of our work, although not required by most cities.


The concrete will then be poured in a base color that has been selected by the homeowner. This colorant is mixed at the concrete supplier so the color is throughout. After the concrete is floated and partially hardened, the stamping will occur with tamping. The stamps that we use are the best available, with 12 different patterns to choose from. We also include borders in different colors and patterns if the homeowner would like, without additional charges.


Why include the borders without charge?

(** yes - we’ve been asked.)


Our crew is onsite and paid for the day. Either paid to stand and wait, or paid to do borders. So – we include the borders!


The additional one or two colors (release colors) that have been chosen will now be "dusted" on top of the patio to create shading. This is also included in all of our projects. As the concrete dries, the colors will absorb into the concrete as much as they can. The patio will then be pressure washed, saw cut and sealed. The entire process usually takes 2-3 consecutive days, with weather permitting.

Hudecek Cement specializes in stamped concrete, as 90% of our business is stamped work. Day in and day out our company performs the stamped process, using the latest techniques available.

Mark Hudecek teaching concrete
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